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Okay, I’ve never actually seen Hannibal (I hate scary movies), but that didn’t stop me from almost wetting my pants when I turned around and saw this:


For the record, she was chewing on my hair clip, but that’s pretty freaky looking, right?  If her first word is “chianti”, we’ll know we’re in trouble.

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I have three brothers: My youngest brother, Alan, is about to move to Africa to be a missionary.  My middle brother, Preston, is training for the Ironman in July (swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles…nuts, right?).  My oldest brother, Ryan, works for Southwest and has lots of little kiddos-but this isn’t about him.  

Alan has to raise his own support for his time in Africa.  Preston is doing fundraising that’s part of his Ironman.  So, they figured out a way to have Preston’s crazy running habit benefit Alan’s crazy desire to live in Africa.  This short video will explain:

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Favorite reading spot

Audrey’s favorite place to curl up with a good book is in her book box.  She pulls a couple of books out and then sits on the rest of them.  Not sure how it’s possibly comfortable, but she loves it.


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Audrey has started standing by herself, and has even taken a couple of steps.  It still looks strange to me to see her in a vertical position.  

She has also learned how to open drawers, and loves to go to her dresser and pull out all of her clothes and put them on her head.  What a weirdo!




Is this the baby equivalent of  “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”?

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Old school

I was looking through some old, old, old pictures today and came across a couple that I just had to post so that you can laugh at me.  Growing up, we never lived on a farm or in the country, but that didn’t stop us from having a plethora of farm animals.  We always had the normal dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, etc. but we also had a goat, chickens, a duck, several guinea pigs, a lamb, a ferret, and bunnies.  Here’s some proof:





My mom always thought I was going to grow up to be a vet…I wonder why?

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In your opinion, when is the proper age to start referring to a child’s age in years instead of months?

I recently overheard a mom say that her son was 31 months!  Why not just say that he’s two and a half?  I plan on saying that Audrey is one after her birthday next month, but I’ve heard a ton of people talk about their kids ages in months for the first few years.  So, I pose the question to you: What age do you think we should drop the “months” and move to “years”?


By the way, I’m 367 months old.

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My newest niece

My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their 3rd kiddo into the world this week!  This is their beautiful daughter, Jane:


Congrats Ryan and Karin!!!  We are so excited for you, and can’t wait to meet her!!!

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Kids are so weird

Audrey is 11 months old today, and she’s just getting to such a fun age.  She is constantly making us laugh with the new things that she’s learning and ways she’s exploring.  The most recent is this face:




She makes this face all the time now and it is usually accompanied by a snorting sound.  You can’t make this stuff up!  She also loves to “read” books.



And sometimes she likes to make the face and read books.


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It’s a GIRL!!!


Looks like there are going to be a lot of  tea parties and princesses in the Carretto household!  We got to see the little peanut on the ultrasound today.  Everything looks great and she seems to be healthy.  We’re super excited and feel extremely blessed!

Andrew’s buying a gun.

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