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Helen or Bust

This past weekend Andrew and I went to Helen, Georgia . Helen is a completely cheesy little “German” town in the North Georgia mountains, but it’s in a beautiful part of the country. We planned this as our last get away before la bebe arrives. We stayed in a little cabin and just relaxed, watched movies, ate, went hiking at Unicoi State park…it was fabulous! The best part was that we had no internet and no cell phone coverage…sometimes it’s nice to be unavailable! Here are some pictures of the Anna Ruby Falls where we went hiking!


Dino LOVED exploring through the woods and going hiking, but he didn’t last long on the ride home.


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10 Random Things

My friend Joe “tagged me” to write 10 random things about myself. Not long ago, I got tagged by Lisa to write 7 random things about myself, but Joe says that doesn’t count. So, here goes…(now you know a total of 17 random things about me).

1. I love having a brand new bar of soap.

2. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. I go to Marietta Dental Associates , and everyone in their office is so nice. If you’re looking for a new dentist, they are fabulous! I see Dr. Robinson and Carolyn is my hygienist.

3. I LOVE Sonic and could drink a cranberry-lime slush everyday. They are currently building a new Sonic less than 1/2 a mile from our house! I could not be more excited!

4. My least favorite type of weather is windy. I can handle hot, cold, rainy, humid, whatever, but I hate windy weather.

5. I sort the silverware before I put it into the dishwasher. I put all the spoons in one section, forks in another, etc. It makes it so much easier to unload. I also like all the silverware to point down. That way when I’m unloading the clean ones I don’t have to touch the end that you actually eat off of. I realize this is all a little O.C.D., but I don’t make Andrew or anyone else who may be loading the dishwasher play by these same rules…just how I like to do it.

6. I occasionally have night terrors. I once woke up completely convinced that there was a 15 inch black spider in our bedroom. I woke up Andrew screaming and made him take off all the sheets on our bed looking for it. Pretty sure he thought I was nuts, but he’s a wonderful husband and was very sweet about the whole thing.

7. Oysters completely gross me out.

8. I cut Andrew’s hair.

9. I find Revelation 3:15-16 to be some of the most convicting verses in the Bible.

10. I am the person that goes to a nice steak house and orders my steak medium-well (only because I’m too embarrassed to order it well done). Rare meat grosses me out almost as much as oysters. When my Dad makes steaks at home, he would call mine the “two minutes shy of beef jerky” steak. Those were some of the best steaks ever!

Okay, I’m suppose to tag someone else, but I think most of my friends have done this before. But, if you have a blog and haven’t done it…consider yourself tagged! 🙂

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Mamma said…

Today I got to thinking about some of the random things that my Mom said while I was growing up that I now find myself saying, or at least thinking.  For example:

Anytime I hear someone say that they are bored, I hear my Mom saying, “Only boring people get bored.”

When I hear someone whining and saying “I want…”, I almost always want to turn to them and say, “Well, people in Hell want ice water.”

Well, today I got to thinking about the fact that I am about to be that voice to someone else.  That’s a lot of pressure!  Twenty years from now, my daughter will probably be blogging (or whatever the equivalent of blogging is in the year 2028) about all the silly or strange things that I use to say.  I have to work on some better catch phrases!

So, What are some things that your Mom said while you were growing up, that you now find yourself saying?

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Quote of the week

One of my coworkers recently said this:

“You are never useless.  You can always serve as a bad example to others.”

One of the things that I LOVE about my job is that I get to work with some of the most brilliant and hilarious people in the world (who also happen to love Jesus).  I’ve been laughing at that saying for days now, so I thought I would share it.  Take heart…you are never useless.  🙂

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Happy Anniversary to us!!!

Okay, so our anniversary isn’t until next month, but we decided to buy ourselves an early anniversary gift (and use our tax refund check)! We got all new appliances for our kitchen! Not only do our new appliance look good, but they all work so well. Our previous dishwasher was so loud that we would wait until we were going upstairs to go to bed before we would start it because once it was running, you couldn’t hear anything else. And we’ve never had a refrigerator that makes ice before. Our old stove worked ok except for the fact that all the burners were really crooked, so if you tried to fry something, all the oil would pool in one corner of the skillet. So needless to say, we are really, really enjoying having these brand new ones!!! I’m enjoying cooking, and Andrew’s enjoying eating!


Stove and Dishwasher

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Now Freeze…

I thought this was brilliant!

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