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First Words

Audrey babbles ALL the time (and I do mean ALL the time), but she hasn’t actually been saying any words besides “da da” and “ma ma”.  Well, the other day she decided to add one more word to her vocabulary…

Cute, right?  I hope she’ll get to meet our “baby” soon!!!  We still haven’t decided on a name for baby #2, but I have a feeling that she’ll get called “baby” a lot since that’s all Audrey can say.

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Jam session

Audrey recently discovered the beauty of the iPod Shuffle.



In case you’re wondering, she’s rocking out to some Veggie Tales’ tunes.

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I can’t believe that by the end of next month we will be a family of four (some how that seems so grown up)!  With each day that passes, I get more and more excited to meet this little girl, and I wonder what she will look like and what kind of little personality she will come with.  I just read something online that said that this week she should be about the size of a cantaloupe or pineapple.  I’m not sure why they always compare the baby to a piece of fruit, but it does give me a funny mental image.  Plus, when I look at my protruding belly, it helps to think, “well of course it looks like that…there’s a cantaloupe in there”.  I digress.

Many of you have been asking us about names, and to be honest, we have no idea what we’re going to name this little one!  We’ve come up with a couple of names that we like, and are still open to suggestions if you have one.  We’ve added a “name that baby poll” to the right side of the blog, so feel free to cast your vote!  They say it takes a village to raise a child…well maybe it takes a village to name one too.  🙂

And since all blog posts are better with pictures, here are some pics of our garden (sorry, I just don’t have any great ultrasound pics, so garden pics will have to do).

This was our garden at the beginning of June:


And here is our garden at the beginning of July:


Seriously, I had no idea that tomato plants grew that quickly!!!  We’ve actually had to start trimming it because it was growing over the top of our fence!  I have started trimming and freezing some of the herbs because I just don’t use them fast enough.  Anyone want some rosemary, thyme, or parsley?  Come on over!

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We just got back from a four day trip to Denver, CO for Andrew’s family reunion.  It was a lot of fun, and the weather wasn’t bad either (I have no problems with leaving Georgia in July).  We had a great time being with everyone, playing games, eating, and celebrating family.  Here are a few pics from the trip.


What could be more fun than picking weeds?



Grace, Isabel, and Audrey are cousins who were all born within a month of each other.


This is Audrey’s new favorite face to make when I’m trying to get a picture of her…lovely. 


Andrew got to go on the zip line.  (For some reason, they have restrictions against you going if you’re 8 months pregnant.)  


He was a natural.


Not a bad view either.


Audrey got to spend some time with her great-grandparents, who are fabulous people!  We also got to celebrate Great-Grandma Larson’s 80th birthday!


There was a lot of four square…


which is a full contact sport for the Carretto’s.


Audrey preferred playing tetherball and playing on the playground.


It was a wonderful weekend and a fun way to spend our last vacation as a family of three.  Now we’re settling down and will spend the next couple of weeks getting ready to welcome baby #2!

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