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Google needs

My friend, Jill, just tagged me with this and I thought it was pretty funny.  What you do is google your first name with the word “needs” next to it and list the first 10 things that appear. So, here goes:

  1. Natalie needs a nightie (Um, this is a family blog so I’ll stop there)
  2. Natalie Needs is on Facebook (Well, Natalie Carretto is not)
  3. Natalie needs to go pee (I am pregnant, so that’s usually true)
  4. Natalie needs your support (why not)
  5. Natalie Portman needs to be gentler and less of a perfectionist (no comment)
  6. Natalie needs to go (I do have a lot to do today)
  7. Natalie needs your vote (I don’t think I’m running for anything)
  8. Natalie needs your prayers and support (who couldn’t use that?)
  9. Natalie needs to get a life (why did I decide to do this?)
  10. Natalie needs insulin injections (thankfully, not true)

Now it’s your turn!   I’m tagging Lisa and Lesley, but anyone else feel free to play along too!

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Audrey has recently learned that standing on top of something can help you reach more things that you shouldn’t be into.



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9 months and crazy as ever

Audrey is now 9 months old and is keeping us on our toes!  Here are a couple of recent developments (By the way, I totally realize that this is not really interesting to anyone other than me, and maybe some family.  So this is really just a post for me, so that I can look back and remember what she was like at 9 months):

  • She’s still in the 90% for height (29 inches) and 75% for weight (20lbs 7oz).  Obviously there are some strong Carretto genes to thank for the height.
  • She loves to be upside down and to dive head first off of things.  This makes me very nervous!
  • She can crawl up the entire staircase in less than a minute.
  • She has learned to open drawers and cabinets, and does so frequently!
  • She loves to clap, give “high 5’s”, and will give hugs now (one of the best things ever!).
  • She has 3 teeth.
  • I caught her licking the trash can the other day (not one of the best things ever!).  
  • She squeals with excitement when she hears the garage door open when Andrew gets home.
  • She loves to “cruise” around the furniture and can stand by herself for a few seconds.
  • Continues to “growls” a lot, says “da da da da da”, and has learned how to scream/squeal really loudly (she usually reserves this trick for restaurants and the grocery store).
  • She LOVES Dino.  Dino HATES her.

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Audrey has learned to blow her nose (a quite advanced skill at such a young age if I do say so myself).  The problem… she will only do it when her head is buried in my shirt or on my leg.  I have become the human tissue.

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The rumors are true…



That’s right, we’re expecting!  That black and white blob is the next little Carretto, due mid-August.  We are super excited and thankful as we start to think about the addition of this new little one into our lives!

Someone recently asked me if we had started explaining to Audrey that there is a baby growing in mommy’s tummy.   Considering that she doesn’t even know where her tummy is, I don’t think that’s a bridge that we’re really going to have to cross.  I guess that’s one advantage of having kids close together.

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