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Hide and go seek

Audrey loves to play Hide and Go Seek.  Here she is “hiding” in one of her favorite spots:

She usually prefers to be the seeker though.  It’s adorable because she’ll cover her eyes (while peeking through them…she’s a total cheater), and then say, “two, two, two, coming”.  I love it!

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Say Cheese…

When you ask Audrey to “smile”, this is what you get:

What is that?

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St. Patrick’s Day

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Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago today, Andrew and I got married.  The time has gone by SO fast, and yet, it’s hard to remember life before Andrew.  He adds so much joy, laughter, fun, and depth to my life and I am so incredibly thankful that God put us together!

We decided to celebrate last night with a “date night” at home after the girls had gone to bed.  Andrew got dressed up and rang the doorbell.  When I opened the door, he had a dozen roses and had written a song that he sang to me.  So fun!  So, I ran upstairs and got dressed up too (did I mention that I put on my wedding dress…can’t do that if you go OUT to eat).  Then we grilled steaks and potatoes and had a great dinner just talking about the past four years and all that has happened in that time…WOW!

I love you Babe!!!

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Dance Dance Revolution

I challenge anyone to a dance off.  One rule: you must hold a baby while dancing.  Bonus points are awarded if you can keep that baby asleep while you do it.

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Baby Cleavage

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Ski Jumping

You know you watched too much Olympic coverage when…

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Here’s a picture of me and my co-workers.  I couldn’t ask to hang out with two more fun, crazy, and lovely people!  Thankful that they are part of my life and for the time that God has given us together.

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There are some moments in life where I just look at my kids and wish that time would stop and we could just stay there for a while.  Knowing that it can’t, I try to grab my camera in that moment and at least cause time to freeze for just one second.  This was one of those moments:

It just so happens that many of the moments that I wish would freeze are when they are sleeping.  🙂  Sleeping children are just so peaceful and sweet (not to mention they never talk back, throw tantrums, or throw up on you in their sleep)!

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