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Harry or Hairy???

Poor Audrey…she’s finally starting to grow some hair, but it’s not growing in so gracefully (kind of like growing out your bangs…it’s never pretty).  We’ve tried putting bows in her hair to keep it out of her face, but she ends up taking them out just a few minutes later.  Oh well!  The other day, Andrew made the comment that her hair looks like Harry’s from Dumb and Dumber.  SOOO true!!!




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Anytime we put Audrey in the bath now, she’ll start asking for ‘the baby’.  She loves to help bathe Elise.  She puts toys on top of her and loves to pour water on her (we try to limit the amount of water that she tries to dump on Elise’s face).  Good thing Elise is super laid back and doesn’t seem to mind going along with Audrey’s crazy plans (good quality in a second child).

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Tummy Time

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So, this may be my favorite thing that Audrey has done so far.  She LOVES to say prayers.  We usually pray before meals and before bed, but lately Audrey has started to initiate prayer time about 10-15 times a day.  We now end up praying several times during dinner, as well as random times throughout the day.  She’ll fold her hands and when you ask her what she wants to pray for, the answer is always the same: Daddy, Papa, Dino, ducks, puppies, and elephants.  Hilarious!  She gets so excited about it too.  I know as a parent, it just melts my heart, and I’m sure it melts God’s heart a little too.

Mid dinner prayer

Seriously? How sweet!

I can honestly say that I pray a LOT more these days!


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Bad hair day

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Hello Professor


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Audrey LOVES listening to my iPod and it’s the one thing that will keep her attention for more than 13 seconds at a time.  The other day I caught her rocking out in the back seat.




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