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My little gardener

Andrew planted our garden this weekend!  We absolutely loved growing our herbs and veggies last summer, and I am SO excited to be doing it again this year!  Plus, Andrew does all of the actual work, and I just get to cook all the yummy stuff that comes from it!!!  Love that guy!

This year he had a little helper…

We are growing two different kinds of basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, jalapenos, zucchini, bell peppers, and we also planted several blueberry bushes.  Let me know if you ever want to come by and stock up on some fresh herbs or veggies!

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Andrew has flipped…

on the trampoline, that is.  He perfected his front flip on Saturday night while some friends were over.  I think a small audience and some competition helped!

Way to go babe!

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We had a very laid back and fun Easter.  My little sister, Elizabeth, was here to celebrate with us and we loved seeing her!  She’s SO funny and easy to be around…love that girl.  Anyway, we decided to dye Easter eggs one day, and had a blast!  Okay, Elizabeth and I had a blast…Elise and Audrey thought it was okay.

Audrey did enjoy putting the stickers on the eggs (or the plates, table, her arms, etc.)

Elise wasn’t so into the eggs (probably because she was only allowed to look and not touch), but she did have fun watching it all go down.

Audrey was most amused by just moving the eggs around in the carton (very “musical chairs” style, minus the music and chairs).  And she thought banging the eggs together was hysterical!

In other news, Elise is full blown crawling now.  As soon as you put her on the ground, she heads straight for Dino’s cage…you can imagine how excited Dino is about this new development.

We even caught a couple of pictures of the girls where they were both actually looking at the camera, and dare I say, smiling???  This is a VERY rare thing in our house!

And like all good photo shoots, it ended in a choke hold.

Thanks for coming for a visit Aunt Elizabeth!  Come back and see us soon!!!

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