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How Dinosaurs Became extinct

The Very First “Senior Moment”

My Mom sent me this today, and it made me laugh.

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Dino wishes we had sons…

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We went for Elise’s 6 month check up today, so I thought I would give a quick update on our girl.  She likes to roll all over the place now, and can easily get from one side of the room to the other!  She is now sitting up on her own and loves to play like that.  Her favorite toy is anything that Audrey wants at any given moment, and Audrey only wants whatever Elise is playing with (we have many “teachable moments” in our house about sharing right now).

She loved looking at herself in the mirror at the doctor’s office!

And she loved the sound that the paper made when she shredded it to pieces…nice!

Here are her stats from today:

17 lbs 9 ozs (75-90%)

26 1/2 inches (75%)

One thing that I find unique about Elise’s personality is how committed she is to her emotions.  When she’s happy, she is very very happy and laughs and giggles like crazy.  And when she is mad, well, you know it and she’s not easily talked away from the ledge.  I think she’s going to be our little drama queen, but we love her to pieces.  🙂

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Audrey has always referred to swinging as “going weeee”.  Which made me realize that whatever your kids start calling something, usually means that you will start calling it that too…just a parental observation.  Anyway, now she has a buddy to “go weee” with.

Now, this has a huge potential for disaster, but Elise thought it was hilarious!  Go ahead Audrey, give her a push.

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I love that she’s always finding new ways to play with old toys.

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My New Food Blog

I’ve started a new blog!  As most of you know (because you’ve probably had to listen to me complain about it at some point or another…sorry!), I’ve been on a soy and dairy-free diet for the past six months because Elise has allergies to both.  It’s been extremely challenging because it really eliminates being able to go out to eat, and has forced me to learn how to cook without using products that contain dairy or soy (which happens to be about 90% of the things in the grocery store).  However, I feel like I’m probably the healthiest that I’ve ever been, and I feel great!  It’s amazing how good you feel when you start eating things that are more natural and closer to the foods that God actually  intended for us to eat, instead of the overly processed and artificial foods that the grocery stores are full of.

At first, it was really difficult to find recipes that I could use, and to figure out what things I could or couldn’t eat.  So, I’ve decided to start a blog that’s mostly dedicated to cooking and eating dairy and soy-free.  I will have recipes, cooking tips, meal ideas, kid-friendly meals, etc. on it and I hope that it will be helpful for anyone with similar dietary restrictions or anyone who is interested in healthy cooking.  So, if you’re ever looking for an easy, fast, and healthy recipe, come on over!   I’d love any feedback that you have, or ideas for posts that you’d be interested in reading!



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Who needs personal space?

It started with the ear grab…

Look at that devilish grin…I think she was asking for it.

Then a big sister hug…

Next the full out body slam (now, I realize that at this point a good mom would have broken it up…oh well)

I never imagined that my kids would be wrestling…I thought that was for people with boys.

I love that they are starting to really enjoy hanging out and playing together!

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Snow Day in Georgia

We actually got snow in Atlanta!

Audrey woke up from her nap to a very different view out her window than she’s use to.

When Andrew got home, we all went out to play.

Elise totally looked like the kid from “A Christmas Story” in her snow suit, but at least she was warm.

Do you see our snowman?

Of course the cold and snow doesn’t stop these two from their favorite activity!

So fun!!!

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Dino and Audrey

Over the past several months, Audrey and Dino have gotten to be much better friends.  Well, maybe “friends” is pushing it, but Dino certainly tolerates her more now.


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My sister, Elizabeth, sent me this picture yesterday from when we were all home for Christmas.  These are my two little sisters, and I miss them dearly!  They are two of my favorite people on this planet, and are SO funny!  There are always many laughs and fun times when we’re together.

Seeing that picture made me so happy that Audrey and Elise have each other.  I hope that they grow up to love each other as much as I love my sisters.

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