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I gave birth to a bear

Audrey growls.  That’s right, growls.  She does it so often, that we hardly even notice it anymore.  However, I was in the grocery store the other day, and I heard this lady say, “What is that strange noise?”…it was Audrey, growling.    Anyway, we finally caught her doing it on video, so I thought I would share it.  She also just learned how to clap.  🙂  

This post is dedicated to my friend, Jerry, who loves to growl at/with Audrey.



By the way, did you catch the little piece of carrot that almost came flying out of her mouth about half way through the video?  I didn’t even know she was eating that at the time.

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I love rednecks!


Okay, has anyone else seen My Big Redneck Wedding on CMT?  Quite possibly the funniest show on TV.  Every episode has some amount of camo, guns, mudding, hunting, tractors, southern accents, missing teeth, etc.  And nothing will make you appreciate and love your spouse more than watching these people.  




If you feel like watching an episode, click here.

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Today was just one of those days.  I think I must have said “NO” at least 18,000 times today, and Audrey isn’t so fond of that word:


99% of the time Audrey is just like Andrew: laid back, go with the flow, happy, etc.  Today, I realized that there is at least 1% of me in there too.  🙂

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She has a room full of toys that are brightly colored and make funny noises…so, what’s her favorite one?  The doorstop of course.  What’s her second favorite?  The bulb syringe. 


 At least it was clean, well relatively clean anyway.


Audrey loves standing up now, and will pull up on anything/anyone that she can.  Sometimes she gets a little ahead of herself, as evident from the bruise on her head and the scratch on her nose.  Poor kid.


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Hurricane head



I love the little swirl on the top of a baby’s head, but doesn’t it look like a hurricane?

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I finally got a chance to download all my pictures from our trip to Ohio over Christmas.  Here are a couple of my favorite ones:

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