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I’ve decided one of the toughest things about being a baby must be the emotional roller coaster that they seem to be constantly riding. Audrey can go from happy and giggling to mad as hell in the blink of an eye. I have pictures to prove it…these were taken within mere nanoseconds of each other.

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Labor Day visitors

My Uncle John, Aunt Barb, and cousin Jake came to visit us today and got to meet Audrey. Here’s a quick pic:

Who do you think my uncle looks more like?..

Sen. John McCain

Sen. John McCain

Wallace Shawn-The Princess Bride

Wallace Shawn-The Princess Bride

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Baby pics

I just love them!  

Audrey has decided that she likes her thumb more than her pacifier.  Fine by me…no more having to go in her room and put her paci back in her mouth at night!

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Do you think it’s weird for the Queen of England when they sing the British National Anthem, “God Save the Queen”?  Do you think she sings along?

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A lesson in sharing

My aunt Kay, who is a nurse, sent Audrey these adorable little “scrubs”.

In the corner, they even have all of her birthday stats.

They also came with a cute little white bear that has a matching scrub top.

Well, Dino has decided that Kay meant to send the bear to him instead of Audrey.

He ran into Audrey’s room and then came prancing down the hall with it in his mouth and dropped it at my feet (which means he wants to play fetch with it). The conversation that followed went something like this:

Natalie: “Dino, that’s Audrey’s bear.”

Dino: “Finders keepers.”

Natalie: “But Kay sent that to Audrey for her birthday.”

Dino: “Not fair, nobody ever sends me anything for my birthday.”

Natalie: “Good point. Keep the bear”

I know eventually they will have to learn to share, but for now Audrey doesn’t seem to mind if Dino plays with her toys.

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Every night as I put Audrey to bed, I lay her on her back and lean down so that our faces are just a few inches apart, and then we have our little talk. She’ll stare up at me as I tell her how proud I am of her, how fabulous I think she is, and about how God has made her just the way she is and has a plan for her life. Then I pray with her, and say good night.

Well, tonight when I leaned down and put my hands around her tiny face to start our “talk”, she looked up at me and then raise her little hands and gently placed them on my cheeks and grinned (she has just recently realized that her hands are actually attached to her and has started “feeling things”). We just sat there for a few minutes like that, staring at one another. I didn’t say much tonight, it was such a sweet moment that I couldn’t do much beside stand there with tears rolling down my cheeks as I thought about how much I love her.

I remember reading this quote when I was pregnant, but it’s just recently that I realize how true it is:

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~Elizabeth Stone

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