Bitter Beer Face

Bitter Beer Face

Fall Fun

Every year I am reminded of just how beautiful the Fall is here in Georgia!  Amazing weather, gorgeous multicolored trees, and there are so many fun things to do during this time of year!  One of our favorite Fall activities is to go apple picking.  We took the kids up to Hillcrest Orchards and had a great time looking for apples, “zip-lining”, holding baby animals, etc.  So fun!

The Girls

Audrey on the “zip-line”

Elise on the “zip-line”

Audrey after she caught a chicken

Elise and Daddy

Best buds

I love a gummy grin!

Paige: 7 months

Princess waitress

My fabulous cousin, Lisa, made the cutest little aprons for the girls!  They love putting them on and playing “waitress” and writing down your order and then serving you food.  It’s precious!  Well, yesterday Audrey informed me that she is a “princess waitress” (hence the fancy ensemble).  I love the fact that in her little world even a princess needs to get a job!



Some things never change

We have confirmed that the greatest toy on Earth is in fact a giant box.  The kids have had hours and hours of fun with this!  Wonder why Toys R Us doesn’t sell boxes???


So our big girl turned 4 back in May, and I’m just now getting around to posting the video that we made for her (I would blame the baby, but really I’ve just been a slacker).  This video is pretty long, and honestly the kind of thing that only grandparents will actually enjoy, so everyone else is off the hook for watching it.  We just really wanted to capture the last year on video, and celebrate her journey from being 3 to 4!

RIP Dino

Dino Bojangles Fennec Carretto 3.31.2000-7.3.2012

You were a great dog and became a champ at taking crap from the little kids.  We’ll miss you!

Mad Professor


3 Months!

I can’t believe that this little lovely is already 3 months old!

She has been such pure joy, and is by far our most laid back kiddo.  She’s already sleeping 12 hours every night, and is happy to eat and sleep on the go (which let’s be honest, what other choice is there if you’re the 3rd child?).  She is becoming more and more aware of her surroundings everyday, and seems fascinated by her big sisters and their nonstop dancing and singing.

We love having you in our family, Paige!