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I idea of a baby wearing shoes is about as pointless as putting perfume on a pig (at least until they can walk). However, they are SO adorable!!! We have Jill to thank for this cute pair of kicks.

And this picture I just thought was sweet:

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Day at the park

On Sunday, we packed up the family and spent several hours at the park. It was a really fun time. We had a picnic, played some bocce, relaxed in the shade, and Dino spent the entire time chasing squirrels and birds (We’re not sure what he thinks he’s going to do with one if he ever catches it, but it’s funny to watch him try).

A picture of the girls just chilling on the blanket:

Dino was so tired from “hunting” all day, that we decided to let him take a ride:

How do they sleep like that?:

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